The Coaching Process

Stage 1

Working together we define your strengths, your passions, clarify your driving forces and using our personal survey to idenfy what areas of your life we have the greatest opportunity to make a positive difference.


We redefine what success means to you.  I recognise that success  is different for us all and usually changes as life progresses. Very often clients feel that this process helps them to start to clear the fog. and give them purpose again

Stage 3

The plan simply consists of what you feel you could achieve some objectives will be larger than others and some spread over several years. The important thing is we make them real and tackle any obstacles (real or imaginary)  that might be preventing success

Stages 4&5

We use the technology of FutureMapping and its support mechanism to allow your subconscious to do its stuff to positively and naturally engender success. Because we will be working together on your plan it will probably be me that identifies when you have achieved results.  It is amazing how many positive successes people do not recognise their achievemets. We will learn how to change our thought process to be more accepting of success.

The Coaching Process


Coaching provides a framework for positive change. It’s not imposed upon you and is safe and non threatening. Any changes are done at your pace and there are no timelimits set.  We do not need to meet face to face but a zoom call is advantageous.  

Book a time in my diary to speak to me. Dont worry I’m not under any stress or pressure to obtain your business.