This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

William Shakespeare

Understand Yourself

So how do you learn about yourself without it just being someones (including your own) opinions?  Goodness knows we seem to get plenty of “advice”.  One solution is to empirically measure your abilities and also compare this to the norms in society.  We have several tools that can assist with this.  We can measure your intrinsic Driving Forces, the things that motivate you to take action.  We can measure your behaviours or your prefered style of doing things and how likely you are to be able to control your behaviour or your emotional quotient.  We can also measure your acumen or ability to understand situations so that you can make appropriate decisions.  

So when you know these things you are able to play to your strengths.  Don’t start to think that you should change too much, just ensure you are always in the position of being able to utilise your abilities.

When you complete the questionnaire in whichever science you feel is appropriate you will also be able to receive feedback from a qualified behavioural analyst who has never met you, so bias is removed.

Download sample reports to find out more.


Positive Experience

Peter has over thirty years  experience of giving feedback to clients and has yet to have anyone feel it wasn’t positive and helpful.  Actually that isnt exactly true he did have one client threaten to contact the police because he felt for certain that Peter must have made enquiries into his personal life or had him “tailed” in order for him to be able to reveal the information about his behavioural style! 

Remember there are no rights or wrongs, it’s just who you are, so it will always be a positive experience.  There are “no weakneses” to work on perhaps just situations best avoided or areas to focus on to let yourself flourish.

This session with Pete will help you understand your strengths could possibly be the most important and valuable session you could spend in your life. 

Don’t worry it is totally confidential!

Feedback plus a full report is £145.