I know that you want to know about me and what I have achieved because you are looking for a coach and that’s understandable and reasonable.  However, I am simply a catalyst for your success.  It’s you thats the hero, because it’s you that will make the change.  

When I’m asked about my life I usually start it by saying I was born in a workhouse which sounds very Victorian, but it’s true – well almost –  it became a maternity hospital but it makes people listen. 

I have been very fortunate that if I have been successful, it’s because (to paraphrase Isaac Newton), I have stood on the shoulders of giants. 

I formally started to be a coach shortly after I was trained by David Hemery and David Whittaker some 25 years ago using the original coaching GROW model devised by David and the father of all formal coaching, Sir John Whitmore.

I am a qualified behavioural analyst and co own TTI Success Insights UK

My Passion

I have always been fascinated with people! Whether that is as a small boy watching the Mill Workers and Miners que to go on holiday on one of our coaches (the wheeled variety) or listening to snatches of conversations of people walking by, it’s the same, I just love seing people interact and have fun.  My ultimate sence of satisfaction is to witness people doing things they didn’t think possible.  It’s been that way all my working life. If I have worked with or assisted these people in some way – that’s even more satisfying!

I see myself as a facilitator clearing the clouds and fog of confusion so that people can see a positive future for themselves.  I hope that if you do agree to allow me to work with you you wont be saying  “Look what he has done for me” but “Look at what I have done for myself.”

If what drives us, our (sometimes obscured) motivators are denied, we can lose our inner flame, our enthusiam.  Helping people to identify what they are truly passionate about is in turn my pasion.


My Goals

Here is a tip! Don’t share your goals with anyone.  Dream stealers I call them! Often out of kindness people say  “Isn’t that risky” or I wouldn’t do that” 

Thre are so many examples of people being told they couldn’t or shouldn’t do something.  What do they know?  Robbie Williams was told to forget singing and dancing! Winston Churchill was told he wouldn’t ammount to much!   Not all of us are blessed with the mental robustness of Robbie or Winston and be able to bat off these comments. 

When you are ready we can do a goal swap!


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