Uncertain of the way forward?

Coaching helps you to clear the fog

A positive future beckons

No matter what your problem it can be overcome by either developing the understanding between people or within yourself.

It sounds so simple, and it is.  It’s simple, but simple is not always easy.  This is why you need a coach!

Pete Turner Coaching

The mark of a person is not the wealth they accrue, but the positive difference that they have made upon others. This is their true legacy.

Peter Turner

If you or your organisation is suffering from:-

All is not lost! These are common situations that occur when relationships are starting to break down.  They can be corrected.

Relationship coaching can help you to overcome these problems and to build a valued and meaningful understanding of yourself and others.


How May I Help You?

Using modern coaching techniques, I work with people to overcome communication barriers that prevent them from achieving what they are capable of achieving by using the most powerful tools available to coaches today. 

I have worked with thousands of people helping them to understand their strengths and assisting them to work out better ways of communicating naturally by building trust and adding value to the relationship.  People can be different and yet still respect each other. I show them how to use the talents they already have more effectively and expain how other people have different requirements. I enjoy “win – win” situations.


Personal Coaching

It doesn't matter if you are working for someone else or for yourself, the world is changing really fast and it could be that your home life is also a bit bumpy at the moment. I can help you to first understand why this is affecting your personal life and can also assist you to understand how to make change that will reduce stress and friction.
It will lead to meaningful relationships again.


Business Coaching

It has always facinated me that we suddenly become managers and as if by magic we are sprinkled in fairy dust and expected to lead a team of people. Even better (or worse) we decide to go into business and suddenly we start to employ people, design process and adopt systems. When you buy a mobile phone there is a manual, where is the manual for leadership or working with your people?

A Point Of Difference

If you have arrived here looking for a coaching programme to tell you how to fix your business or to change your life you have come to the wrong place!  That is not what coaching is about.   How could It be?  A coach has not felt your specific pain, your success, your anguish, or your challenges either at a business or personal level. I, as a coach, would not dream of telling you what to do or how to sort this or that.

However, I can help you by giving you a structure or framework to operate with and I can also help to release the passion and enthusiasm that you and indeed all of us naturally posess but somehow can becone jaded and faded over time.  Over the last 30 years  this has delivered sustainable positive change in many peoples lives. A promising future beckons when you can see through the fog of confusion.

I can at times act as your conscience, your sounding board or confidante but I will always be your coach, assisting you to be your best.  I can also, very occasionally, be like the annoying piece of grit that creates the pearl in an oyster if that helps!

"I couldn't afford it"

How do you know how much I charge, you havent asked yet?

For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these,  'It might have been'.

John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)
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